Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Okay, so this year I suck a little. I had the best ideas for costumes until I decided to overwork myself by working long hours, planning the Halloween carnival, and making candy.

Taylor and the boys were absolutely wonderful through this whole process. The house was a mess, there were boxes of carnival crap everywhere, and a lot of fast food. I was insane and an emotional wreck, but with their support I made it.

This year we were going for "old school monster" AKA Frankenstein, Bride of, Swamp Thing, and Wolfman.

As Taylor and I were out for our date night getting the last minute items for me to make the costumes, he looked at me and said, "you can't do this to yourself. Make the boy's costumes and we'll dress up next year." I was very upset that we wouldn't be dressing up, but he was right.

Dade and Tayen's got finished at the last minute, and they rocked them. I could have done a little better, but who's keeping points?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A day off....finally!

I thought that I would take a few minutes and catch up just a bit! Life has been so crazy! The boys just started flag football and will have there first game on Saturday and we can't wait! Who'd have thought that Tayen would like it so much? When I say this, I mean, when I asked him last year what sport he wanted to play, he said, "is there one that I can be spiderman or something?" He and Dade both are having a blast!

Fall is among us, and you all know what that means....HALLOWEEN! Costumes are in progress and hopefully will be a success! Our theme this year....old school monsters. Frankenstein, Bride of, Swamp thing, and Wolfman.

The weather is finally cooling down. At least for Arizona. It has been a long Summer. Finally 85-92 degrees for the next 2 weeks. Thank heavens. We will be putting in our backyard in the next couple of weeks and can't wait.

Work is going great for Tay and I. He started school not too long ago, and is doing great. We are so proud of him. He takes such great care of us.

More to come!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine Flu=Disneyland

California here we come..........oh wait, we're back and it's been a month! Okay, so I suck at keeping all of you caught up on our lives. Every year mom and dad Allen (aka Tay's parentals) give us a trip to San Carlos, Mexico. We were all so excited to see each other and lye on the beach, when suddenly the Swine Flu struck and was made a bigger deal than it needed to be. Oh, I forgot to mention that this happened one week prior to going. We were all in a dither, but the parentals put together a trip to the Happiest Place on earth...Disneyland!

Day 1...We meet at Tay's parents and leave. Taylor pulls into the wrong hotel and we get separated from the rest. We find the right hotel and hop out of the car. Rooms aren't ready, so we hang out in Nate and Caitie's room hoping that no action has occurred :). Dax falls and cries. Cam falls and cries. Dax chokes on licorice and cries. Cam teases Tay so that he can wrestle with him. Dade and Tayen laugh and comfort Dax. Robin stresses about us getting into our rooms. Rooms are ready. Head to the pool and swim. Eat dinner. Go to sleep.

Day 2...Disneyland!
Dade and Tayen let everyone know what the rules are.
1.Have fun!
2.No crying or whining unless you want a character to carry you out of the park
3.No carrying. We can rest, but no being picked up
4.No asking for things, we get to pick something the last day
5.No fighting
6.Ride every ride that you are tall enough for. (even if it's a little scary)

What can I say? Rides and more Rides.

Day 3...Free breakfast. Disneyland. Stuck on Grizzly Bear Rapids. Escorted out of Rapids. Run into Tay's friend that he works with. Cheesecake Factory for Tay's and Dayton's b-day. Stuff our faces. Dade falls asleep at the table. We laugh and almost pee our pants. Yummy food. Fantastic cheesecake. Too full to walk to the hotel. Wish we hadn't eaten so much.

Day 4...Breakfast. Disneyland. Wet clothes. Hunger pains. IHOP. Hotel. Sleepy

Day 5...Breakfast. Goodbyes. Ride home. Home sweet home.

Day 6...Back to reality and working out.

We're alive....well, sort of!

A little catch up for you all!

Although our lives aren't too exciting, some events have happened. Easter came and went along with a lot of rain. I quit the school to work full time as a Chef, and the boys made the honor and principals honor for the 3rd time! Tay and I are so very proud of them. They are getting so big. I look at them sometimes and wonder where the time has gone. I still carry them down the stairs in the morning and I will continue to until my knees give out. Tayen lost his 2nd tooth and keeps asking when he will lose more so that he can get more money to catch up to Dade. School is out in 2 1/2 days and the boylies are so very excited. A Utah visit is in the works, and they can't wait to see all of their cousins and grandparents.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

MONSTER JAM!!! It's about time.

Well, Miken has all but abandoned the blog so I thought I would post a little something about the Monster Jam the we went to back in January.

It was a Thursday when I looked over at "Tha Wheelz" aka "Ty Wheeeluh" (Ty Wheeler) and said something to the effect of "We should take our kids to a monster truck rally!"

And he, being the wonderful redneck he is, said "heck yeah! When's the next one?" I don't think he had even finished his own question before he found it online and said "Tomorrow!"

The date was all we had to do was get permission. That wasn't really the hard part though, the hard part was letting the Wives know they weren't invited. We suffered through that mini crisis and the next evening we were off.

After a quick stop at the newly opened "BK Lounge" (Burger King) in the QC (Queen Creek) we drove a solid hour to Chase Field. It was me, Dade, Biggles, Tha Wheels, "Ms. Lucy" (Lucy), and "Keanie Paninni" (Keane, I've never actually called him that before, but I just thought of it and I like it so much I might from now on).

It was great fun! There was GraveDigger, McGruff, Backwards Bob (A truck that always drove in reverse), A Ninja Turtle truck, mini trucks, a stunt man that drove through a bus and even a couple excellent crashes thrown in for good measure.

We got outta there around 11PM but not before buying 2 $4 Big As Your Face Sugar cookies. I can't wait to go again and next time we might even invite the Wives....I said "might."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dirty Jobs

I have been waiting to post this for so long. Our computer caught a virus and was out of commission for awhile, but now it's up and running.

For all of you that received a phone call from me saying that Dade, Tayen, and myself met Mike Rowe, you can all now believe me. Working at the Olive Mill, can have its perks after all. I had known for awhile that they were going to filming Dirty Jobs, but couldn't let myself believe it until it was a go. I didn't work that day, but stopped in to see how the filming was going, I was told to come back and they would let all employees in the restaurant after filming was done with.

Around 5:30 we stopped back by on our way to Dade's grade recognition for football. The boys waited in anticipation as the filming crew started coming through the door. Eyes getting bigger, breathing getting faster, and feet bouncing up and down at a record pace. Then all of a sudden, he walked through the door. Yes! It was him, Mike "holy crap" Rowe.

Talk about being star struck. He worked his way around the room and ended up sitting with Dade and Tayen discussing how they got their awesome names and shooting the breeze.

What a fantastic experience! Hopefully there will be more to come.
*If you look close at the pics, you can see how excited Dade was!