Friday, August 8, 2008

Tackle Football

Dade started tackle football the same day that he started school. I couldn't believe what I saw when I took him to the field. Imagine it. I walked him onto the field and see a bunch of 7-9 year olds, 3 coaches, and 2 gear guys. I figured that I would stay for a bit that first day, just to see what it was like. HOLY CRAP! They work those boys like they are on a high school team. The practice goes from 6-8:30 and they do all the major drills. Dade is such a strong kid. I am so proud of him. He has dedication and motivation. For such a little body, he sure has a lot of willpower. He starts in full pads on Monday and can't wait. The games are going to be so much fun.

First day of school

Monday, August 4th was the first day of school for the boys. I tell ya, every year I forget how hard it is to wake them up after they have been sleeping in all summer. We got off to a rough start, but after French toast, things were better.
Dade is in the 3rd grade now and Tayen is in first. So far, they like school, but in about a week, I have a feeling all of that will change.:)
They have already made a couple of friends and invited them over, even though I tell them that I need to meet the parents first. What can I say, I am a very weird mom. I would rather them play here, so even a small chat with parents would be okay. The boys don't understand that though. Oh well. I do my best.

Biggles turns 6!

Tayen turned 6 on July 29th and was a week long celebration. I really can't believe that our baby is that old!:( I know what a lot of you are thinking, "you should really have another one!" and the answer is a polite, "No thank you!" The years have past very quickly, but I have found time to savor the sweet moments and all the kisses. I know they won't last forever, but so far, he isn't stingy with them.

We celebrated by letting him pick the restaurant he wanted to go to, and this is a bit of the conversation.

Miken: "Tayen, since it is your birthday, you get to pick where we eat tonight. I can make your favorite or we can go to your favorite restaurant.

Tayen: "Hmmm, (with finger on his chin) I don't know mom. What is a fun place?"

Miken: "There are a lot of fun places, it just depends on what you want to eat."

Tayen: "I just want to go somewhere that will give me a great big free dessert."

It was a classic Tayen moment. And boy did he get free desert! We went to an Italian restaurant called Oreganos. He got the pizza and when it was time, they brought him out a Pazookie. Ahhh, to die for. Half baked cookie of any flavor left in the pan and topped with ice cream,caramel,and whipped cream. Oh, so yummy.

The Saturday after, we had a small party in his honor at Peter Piper Pizza. Dade,of course, got hurt and over reacted and I think I lost 10 pounds in sweat that night. It was seriously 110 degrees in that place, but who would have noticed playing all those games? We had a blast!