Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LIfe as I know it!

It has been awhile since my last entry and I am very sorry to all of you that actually look at my blog! Life has been pretty hectic and it catches up to me every now and then. I have started working on the weekends at a small restaurant called The Olive Mill that has introduced me to wonderful recipes and flavors that I am now experimenting with in our home. I work at the boys' school during the day then come home and make candy when I have orders. Dade is still playing football and between the excuses of why he can't go to practice, I have little Taybug asking if he can have something else to eat. Tay is at Walden, and just had a guys rockband night with a few guys he works with. Absolute hillarity! I told him that he must do it again. It was so loud that we had the neighbor kids looking through their windows. I have started making extra every time I cook so that I can freeze the meals for the nights I don't have time to cook and for the busy time of the holidays coming. My website has been doing fantastic. I have a lot of returning customers and 2 boutiques scheduled for October and November. Things are soon going to be pretty crazy at the Gardner house, but we always make room for fun and togetherness. Our family rocks! I couldn't ask for a better hubby and boys! I am truly blessed!

We will be going to Vegas for a week in October for a much needed vacation with Tay's parents and believe me, I am counting down the days. The boys are getting incredible grades and the teacher's have nothing bad to say about them. I miss everyone in Utah very much, but have hope that something we will see them soon. I love Arizona so much and have so many wonderful friends that I can count on, but I forget how nice it was to have family close. Thank goodness Tay's family is here so it makes things a little easier.

Friday, September 5, 2008

9 years and going strong!

On August 28th, Tay and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. Our wonderful friends kept the boys for the following night so that we could have a night out. After stuffing our faces full of awesome food at the Outback, we went Halloween costume hunting. I know, we're gay and we're proud! We searched through the racks at Saver's, had a ton of laughs, then continued to the fabric store to find the perfect Joker coat material. Such a beautiful night until the rain came down and the wind picked up. Absolutely insane! We then came home and watched a movie Tay had sent for called Son of Rambow. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE! Completely horrendous! The night continued and all was fabulous. I can't believe nine years has passed. I am still head over heels and each day gets better. Tay continues to make me feel beautiful, appreciated, and loved. He is great and I can't wait til the 10th!

Letting go....

As you can tell, the boys had a hard time letting it go.


This is one of the reasons why I love Arizona so much! A few Fridays ago, a terrific monsoon swept through our city and brought a fantastic present with it. Our little pet toad, Sandy!
Dade spent the Saturday after at Scout camp, and when we arrived to pick him up, he had found then toad. Being the mom that I am, I was just as excited as he was and immediately came home and made a "habitat" for her. At least Dade said it was a she when he saw no boy parts. ;)
That night we went to a friends house to eat and play games and when we got home, the boys showered, brushed and got in bed. I went to check on Sandy and what do I find, but a larger toad trying to get in the habitat to save Sandy! With much excitement, I ran up the stairs screaming like an idiot for the boys to see what was on our porch. After a little chasing on mine and Tay's part, the toad was captured.
We placed a flashlight in with them to attract the bugs, and when we woke up the next morning, the little one had died, so we held our first funeral.
2 weeks later, we decided to let the bigger toad go, but he is still living in our back yard and visits us each night at our screen door. What a fun pet! We especially like when Wigget finds it during the day and chases it all around. Very comical!