Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vegas Baby!

The beginning of October we went to Vegas with the parentals and family for our annual trip. What a much needed break from life!

On the way there, we happened to get stuck behind an old, beat up truck doing about 35 mph with a speed limit of 65 in the middle of nowhere. Tay and I found it pretty odd when we saw that he was wearing an old school army helmet. Imagine the thoughts that were going through our head....especially when we passed a man painted with latex green army paint and vinyl jacket.

We slammed on the breaks, waited for him to catch up, stared for a bit, and took a picture! He didn't move, smile, NOTHING! It's like we were invisible. Pulling away, Taylor looked back, gave him a "rock out" hand gesture, and in return the army guy smiled and gave a "thumbs up!"

Knowing that it was too early to dress up for Halloween, to this day, we still wonder where he came from and where he was going...

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, Halloween has come and gone. Miken once again pulled through with some AWESOME costumes for the Fam. Dade and I were the Joker and Mini Joker, Biggles was Two Face and Miken as you can see from the pictures was a perfect Nurse Joker. "I Beleive in Harvey Dent" sticker and all.

The family came to my work and Trick or Treated. We were the hit of the office stopping several times for pictures and for people to stare inches from our faces to find out how exactly we "Got these scars"

Then we made a stop by my Mom's where of course she made a big deal of our costumes and even forced Grandpa out of his "cave" to take some pictures of us.

Then a quick jaunt over to KFC for some over priced Chicken products.

Lastly we came home to do some Trick or Treating in the new neighborhood the boys were less than enthusiastic by this time and right around house #8 they were asking if we could go home. I was having too much fun scaring kids with random Joker quotes from The Dark Knight so we made them stay out a little longer.

All in all it was another sucessful Halloween and we're already planning for next year!