Thursday, April 9, 2009

MONSTER JAM!!! It's about time.

Well, Miken has all but abandoned the blog so I thought I would post a little something about the Monster Jam the we went to back in January.

It was a Thursday when I looked over at "Tha Wheelz" aka "Ty Wheeeluh" (Ty Wheeler) and said something to the effect of "We should take our kids to a monster truck rally!"

And he, being the wonderful redneck he is, said "heck yeah! When's the next one?" I don't think he had even finished his own question before he found it online and said "Tomorrow!"

The date was all we had to do was get permission. That wasn't really the hard part though, the hard part was letting the Wives know they weren't invited. We suffered through that mini crisis and the next evening we were off.

After a quick stop at the newly opened "BK Lounge" (Burger King) in the QC (Queen Creek) we drove a solid hour to Chase Field. It was me, Dade, Biggles, Tha Wheels, "Ms. Lucy" (Lucy), and "Keanie Paninni" (Keane, I've never actually called him that before, but I just thought of it and I like it so much I might from now on).

It was great fun! There was GraveDigger, McGruff, Backwards Bob (A truck that always drove in reverse), A Ninja Turtle truck, mini trucks, a stunt man that drove through a bus and even a couple excellent crashes thrown in for good measure.

We got outta there around 11PM but not before buying 2 $4 Big As Your Face Sugar cookies. I can't wait to go again and next time we might even invite the Wives....I said "might."


Chelsea said...

You're such an awesome dad! I miss you!

Bunny Skyy said...

Okay... call me crazy but they look like mini wheels?! he he. Miss you guys!