Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We're alive....well, sort of!

A little catch up for you all!

Although our lives aren't too exciting, some events have happened. Easter came and went along with a lot of rain. I quit the school to work full time as a Chef, and the boys made the honor and principals honor for the 3rd time! Tay and I are so very proud of them. They are getting so big. I look at them sometimes and wonder where the time has gone. I still carry them down the stairs in the morning and I will continue to until my knees give out. Tayen lost his 2nd tooth and keeps asking when he will lose more so that he can get more money to catch up to Dade. School is out in 2 1/2 days and the boylies are so very excited. A Utah visit is in the works, and they can't wait to see all of their cousins and grandparents.


Glen and Chelsea said...

You have to tell me when you are coming up and we might make an effort to go up north.

Bunny Skyy said...

Hey... I miss you too! I'm so proud of you miss Chef! (My dream job).. Let me know when you are coming..

Dan and Linsey said...

We're heading up to Utah soon. Maybe I'll see ya there, or maybe we should get together here since we live in the same state! Love you! Love your blog!