Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine Flu=Disneyland

California here we come..........oh wait, we're back and it's been a month! Okay, so I suck at keeping all of you caught up on our lives. Every year mom and dad Allen (aka Tay's parentals) give us a trip to San Carlos, Mexico. We were all so excited to see each other and lye on the beach, when suddenly the Swine Flu struck and was made a bigger deal than it needed to be. Oh, I forgot to mention that this happened one week prior to going. We were all in a dither, but the parentals put together a trip to the Happiest Place on earth...Disneyland!

Day 1...We meet at Tay's parents and leave. Taylor pulls into the wrong hotel and we get separated from the rest. We find the right hotel and hop out of the car. Rooms aren't ready, so we hang out in Nate and Caitie's room hoping that no action has occurred :). Dax falls and cries. Cam falls and cries. Dax chokes on licorice and cries. Cam teases Tay so that he can wrestle with him. Dade and Tayen laugh and comfort Dax. Robin stresses about us getting into our rooms. Rooms are ready. Head to the pool and swim. Eat dinner. Go to sleep.

Day 2...Disneyland!
Dade and Tayen let everyone know what the rules are.
1.Have fun!
2.No crying or whining unless you want a character to carry you out of the park
3.No carrying. We can rest, but no being picked up
4.No asking for things, we get to pick something the last day
5.No fighting
6.Ride every ride that you are tall enough for. (even if it's a little scary)

What can I say? Rides and more Rides.

Day 3...Free breakfast. Disneyland. Stuck on Grizzly Bear Rapids. Escorted out of Rapids. Run into Tay's friend that he works with. Cheesecake Factory for Tay's and Dayton's b-day. Stuff our faces. Dade falls asleep at the table. We laugh and almost pee our pants. Yummy food. Fantastic cheesecake. Too full to walk to the hotel. Wish we hadn't eaten so much.

Day 4...Breakfast. Disneyland. Wet clothes. Hunger pains. IHOP. Hotel. Sleepy

Day 5...Breakfast. Goodbyes. Ride home. Home sweet home.

Day 6...Back to reality and working out.

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Bunny Skyy said...

Okay B-word... you're totally HOT in your bikini... I hate you! =) LOL.. JK I'm so jealous!!!!!